1. You are doing excellent service. Even though one can visit you tube for old songs , yours is a one stop site we can bank upon. For example I could not get a song from old film ‘Santan’ – ‘Dil ne jise maan liya, uska andaz naya’ by Mukesh but you could trace & post it on ‘Bhoole Bisre Geet’. Can you repost on my special request?

  2. Yagnesh Gupta

    It’s wonderful ! I like this idea of being in touch with the people having common interest in good old songs. I feel that the comments of each person on the individual songs, kindles the goodness in everyones’ heart. I would like to share one of the emails forwarded to me. It’s a collection of oldies since 1937 and onwards. It directly drops you to “you tube” on the selected song. Let every interested member share this. Please let me know how to do this.

  3. @Mr Ayangar: I will post that song again and thanks for the encouragement. I enjoy reading your blog.

    @Yagnesh: Please send it across to me. I will send across my email id to you. I will share it with all music lovers.

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