Always thought about it but never did it

Don’t think that I am talking abt the usual stuff….. This is about weired things I have always wanted to do but never had courage to do it. If somebody else has done it please let me know.

Get out on Bangalore airport and use somebody else’s taxi. All the guys standing with name written on a card hardly know the people. After all becoming Mr Gupta oy Iyer for some time to get a free ride is not such a bad idea….

Start from a station to a unknown destination and make a living out of doing just physical work not the crap associated with education and computer. We have just made the life too complicated by inventing so many gadgets…. Only If I was born in stone age, maybe I was.

Write a novel – just needs too much patience to build characters and write good language.

Please add on folks if you guys have better ideas……


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  1. anonymous

    Birla, I think I’m also possibly built in the stone age and meant for doing simple thing only. And as time is passing by, realization is deepening, clinching and numbing in the age of computers and other blah blah affairs. Sometime I think it will be a blessing in disguise if I’m thrown out of my job and I don’t get any other job than some of the simple stuff that I would like to do…who knows..they say ask carefully, you might get it…:-)..


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