All about options

Never thought it could be so easy if we could keep things simple in life. I have realized one thing after spending a lot of time doing nothing that we spend half our life in generating options and the other half in choosing between them. If we could lead a life which did not have options things would be so simple.

Few steps towards reaching an option free life….

Step 1 – Always choose the third option. It is always right.
Step 2 – Options are not always good. Eliminate them by using the most used corporate tool – toss of a coin
Step 3 – Never evaluate options. It is a bad habit which will get you in bigger mess
Step 4 – If you do not have three options you can always add “All of the above” and “None”

Try them out and please let me know how you feel after trying them. I would love to know your experiences and comment on them.

Take Care…..


  1. bkbirla

    Good article… Reminds me of my shopping experiences with my sisters. They look at atleast 100 sares before they finalize which one to buy.

  2. nearfar

    That’s different, I think. A person with KOOO mentality will rather *buy* 100 sarees so that she can keep her options of wearning this or that saree, open. 🙂

  3. Hi, Good theory and been caught in the decision analysis paralysis after bunch of options came up to choose what to do next in my life from current hard coding:) job I left few days back.

    BTW, I too use coins to make decisions at times :).

  4. I guess we attach too much importance to ourselves while making decisions and up the stakes without much reason. Life is all about doing, undoing, redoing and moving on from experiments and failures. Analysis Paralysis is common corporate and personal trait which has disastrous results. Most of the time we try to find an analysis which meets our expected end game.

  5. Bajaj

    Interesting approach to simplifying life by minimizing options! I truly agree that sometimes we get overwhelmed with an abundance of choices, which can create unnecessary stress. I saw a similar principle on a blog about Instagram promotion where they discussed how to simplify content strategy and hashtag selection. In any case, thanks for the tips! I’ll be trying them out in practice.

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